Apple Laptop Kickoff Event

It is an exciting time here at Greenfield-Central Schools for Technology in Education! We are moving forward with our Digital Learning Initiative at GCHS and the Macbook Air Laptop for Teachers program!

We have received over 250 Macbook Air laptops for all Teachers at G-C Schools and my staff is working to prepare those laptops for handout in the next few months! We will start with GCHS Teachers, but will quickly move on to the Teachers who have requested early access to their MacBook with their building principal! Along with the Rollout we are hosting an Apple Laptop Kickoff event next Thursday, February 5th at the GCHS Auditorium @3:45pm. This event will be presented by the Apple Systems Engineer for Indiana and our local Apple Representative. They will focus on the question “Why the Macbook Air?” and will present many of the key features/benefits of the Macbook Air and how it can be used in education. They will also provide tips and tricks on the Macbook Air to help ease your transition from your Windows desktop.

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